Living with my family in the Coaticook region

Families in Coaticook can take advantage of a myriad of services and resources. From the local sports centre to various health institutions, the 12 municipalities ensure residents’ well-being through a multitude of establishments, organizations and associations.

For your children:

Sports Center and Acti-Sports

A sports centre featuring activities for all ages, including workshops for parents and their children. Acti-Sports MRC de Coaticook promotes physical activity and sports among residents of the Coaticook region.

Grants for New Babies

After several years of organizing the Fête de la famille, and due to the complications that the pandemic has brought, the MRC has opted for a new formula: Grants for NewBabies. Every year in November, families who have welcomed a newborn can register with their municipality for a chance to win a grant.

Family and senior policies

The Coaticook region’s 12 municipalities have adopted family and senior policies in order to take into account the needs and well-being of regional families. Each municipality offers different programs and measures with various incentives. We invite you to consult the municipalities’ respective websites to learn more about these programs.



The town of Coaticook is serviced by an urban transportation circuit. A transportation service known as Acti-Bus runs from Sunday to Saturday, according to summer and regular hours. We invite you to consult the schedule to find out more.


Acti-Bus also offers a daily route, namely Coaticook – Compton – Sherbrooke, for all regional residents wishing to travel to these locations for their work or studies. Students requiring transportation to the Cégep de Sherbrooke enjoy discounted rates.

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