Professionals / Workers

Being a professional in a vibrant region

A range of occupations are practised in Coaticook across the industrial, agriculture and agri-food industries as well as in business and public services. Working in the Coaticook region is the best of both worlds: residents contribute to a dynamic economy while enjoying an exceptional quality of life.

Health and socials services

Recreation and sports

The region is home to a sports centre that offers activities for all Coaticook residents and features corporate rates. Acti-Sports MRC de Coaticook promotes physical activity and sports within the Coaticook region.


For those who live outside the region, work in a nearby urban centre, or simply wish to get around the area, a number of affordable transportation options are available for your commute. The Coaticook region offers two taxi services and one interurban transportation service, Acti-Bus, which provides the region’s residents with an urban transportation circuit. Acti-Bus runs from Sunday to Saturday, according to summer and regular hours. We invite you to consult the schedule for details.