Retiring to the Coaticook region

A number of regional services, organizations and associations are devoted to the well-being and quality of life seniors, such as the Table de concertation des aînés de la MRC de Coaticook (regional roundtable on seniors). Local organizations are always happy to welcome individuals interested in getting involved, including the Centre d’action bénévole (volunteer center), which provides a variety of services to ensure seniors’ well-being and help them continue living at home. A number of associations are similarly involved in seniors’ well-being, namely the Cercle des filles d’Isabelle, the Cercles des fermières (Coaticook and Ste-Edwidge-de-Clifton), the Chevaliers de Colomb and the Clubs des Lions (Coaticook and Compton), as well as several FADOQ clubs, which hold various activities and events aimed at involving and entertaining seniors.

Each municipality has a family and seniors policy in order to take this population segment into account in regional decision-making. The aim of these policies is to help maintain and develop cultural and recreational activities, to encourage healthy lifestyles, to address housing, and to work toward developing and improving the living conditions of families and seniors across the Coaticook region.

Recreation and activities for retirees:

The Centre communautaire Élie-Carrier, located in the town of Coaticook, offers a diversity of rewarding activities and events for all the region’s retirees. Offerings include physical activities focused on physical fitness, as well as weekly dance nights, therapeutic activities, and dance classes. Finally, the centre entertains and delights seniors with exhibits, performances, arts and crafts, etc. Its goal is first and foremost to help forge ties between seniors in order to break them out of their isolation.

Social health and residential services