Buying a home

Buying a home in the Coaticook region

The region’s many assets make for an unparalleled quality of life, including proximity to grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, country-dining venues, stores, municipal libraries, dental centres, and hairdresser and beauty salons, to name just a few. The region is replete with opportunities for visitors and residents of all ages to get out and about, from its arena to the Parc de la Gorge, multiple golf clubs, museums, mountain summits, hiking trails, and so much more. Open-air outings and gorgeous country landscapes await you in the Coaticook region!

Buying a home in the region is financially advantageous compared to nearby urban centres. According to statistics from Centris, a Quebec real estate website, the median price of a single-family home in Coaticook stands at $180,000, which is lower than in the adjacent cities. The median price in Estrie at large is $185,500 and rises to $204,500 in Sherbrooke and $318,000 in Montreal.

The median price of a single-family home in the Coaticook region is also favourable compared to the rest of Quebec ($250,000). Among other things, relocating to an outlying region lets you save on municipal and school taxes. The Coaticook region provides you with affordable homeownership, whether it’s for your first house or a well-deserved retirement.