A magical setting with a myriad of cultural attractions

Nicknamed la vallée de brume or “mist valley,” Saint-Venant-de-Paquette is the smallest of our region’s municipalities, at fewer than 100 inhabitants. In spite of its small population, the municipality is very active and most of its residents are involved in the various activities of the organization Les Amis du patrimoine de Saint-Venant-de-Paquette. The community has thus joined efforts to showcase the rich heritage of the region, among other things by renovating the village church. The uniqueness and architectural beauty of this church make it a regional attraction not to be missed. Today, the church has been repurposed into a museum, performance venue, and art gallery.

Located in a gorgeous spot mere steps away from the border, the municipality offers its community an array of cultural activities, such as a 3 km open-air “poetic path” of beautiful landscapes punctuated with stone sculptures and poetry. In addition, the Maison de l’arbre has a terrace-café (Délices du terroir) and features gourmet meals and a menu of local products to discover. The community also enjoys other services and cultural/leisure infrastructure. Visit the municipality’s website to learn more.

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