The Coaticook region holds many promising business opportunities

The Coaticook region is an outstanding place to launch a new business project. Future regional entrepreneurs are provided with an “opportunity bank” so they can find the perfect place to rent or purchase, or a plot of land to rent out. The bank lists many promising business opportunities to help you find the perfect spot for your Coaticook-based project.

Opportunity bank

Moreover, a variety of programs and financial mechanisms are in place to help you start up your business or to support a specific project. The staff at the Coaticook MRC economic development department are at your service, and very dedicated to providing personalized entrepreneurship guidance, helping you hone your business skills, and making your project a success. They excel in helping individuals spot promising opportunities across the region.

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Nathalie Labrie
Economic development responsibleE
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Mario Lalonde
Business advisor
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Business advisor
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