Settlement and Support Service

Whether you’re from Abitibi or Colombia, a settlement and support service is available to welcome all newcomers to the Coaticook region.

This service, newly established in Coaticook, provides newcomers with free and personalized support as they settle in the region. The aim is to facilitate their integration into the area and make them aware of local services and resources. The service also assists municipalities with welcoming and integrating new citizens, provides services to schools, and helps companies with employee onboarding in order to allow newcomers to smoothly adapt to their new environment.

Take a look at our Welcome Guide for new residents!

Patricia Gardner
Settlement and Immigration Officer
819-849-7083, # 251

Other regional support services

Place aux jeunes is an organization that promotes the migration, establishment and retention of young graduates aged 18 to 35 in the region.

The mission of the Maison de la famille is to provide services to local families at all stages of life and to organize prevention, support and promotion activities that will contribute to their fulfillment and well-being.