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A magnificent environment with a warm welcome

Let yourself be enchanted by East Hereford, a municipality nestled at the foot of Mount Hereford and bordering the states of New Hampshire and Vermont. Its slogan Welcoming is in our nature! has always been taken seriously by its residents, who make it a point to preserve the area’s pristine environment. The organization
Forêt communautaire Hereford, which manages an unprecedented legacy of 5,600 hectares of land including Mount Hereford, presents the mountain as being at the service of the community and open to the world. The local economy is driven by passionate, forward-looking entrepreneurs in the area’s staple industries of forestry as well as dairy, cattle and fish farming.

The municipality counts slightly over 290 proud residents, who form an active community including many dedicated volunteers. East Hereford boasts a diversity of quality infrastructure in order to meet the needs of all age groups. One attraction especially worth mentioning is the renowned Circuits Frontières organization, which provides mountain biking enthusiasts with nearly 55 km of trails on and around Mount Hereford. Each year, the municipality welcomes numerous thrill-seekers and young families who enjoy festive events, summer camps, and weekly hikes in the forest.

To welcome new residents, the municipality offers free lots in its residential neighbourhood near a number of recreational and other amenities, including the municipality’s primary school and park-school, post office, tennis court, skating rink, baseball field, hiking trails, and hunting and fishing spots. Visit the municipality’s website to learn more about the many incentives of living in this generous and welcoming environment. Take advantage of the resources on this site to find a job, move and live in this extraordinary location.



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