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Partners to drive your prosperity

Coaticook is the region of Estrie with the highest number of self-employed workers. Many resources are available to anyone wishing to start up a business or learn to better manage their existing enterprise. There are also other services, such as Emploi Québec and Service Canada, which are also available to anyone who wants to start their business or learn more about managing an organization.

The Coaticook MRC has an economic development sector

The Coaticook MRC has an economic development sector intended, among other things, to support start-up businesses. Economic development agents are available to guide entrepreneurs along in their search for funding, and provide both information and advice while encouraging innovation and helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

The Coaticook SADC

The Coaticook SADC or Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité is similarly committed to the development and well-being of the community. Its focus areas include nurturing an environment conducive to job creation and maintenance in the region, as well as providing personalized assistance and financial support in the form of loans to businesses. The SADC is responsive to community needs and leverages various projects to stimulate the economic development of the community.

Chamber of commerce and industry (CCIRC)

The region also has a chamber of commerce and industry (CCIRC), to which many of the region’s businesses belong. The chamber is a key reference for businesses, representing over 200 enterprises across the Coaticook region. In addition to promoting the visibility of its members, it also organizes a variety of networking and training opportunities to help members forge new business ties. The CCIRC is attentive to its members’ needs, and always pleased to develop collaborative projects with businesses in order to make the region a fantastic place for entrepreneurs.